A Pilot Study of Biomechanical Assessment Before and After an Integrative Training Program for Adolescents with Juvenile Fibromyalgia

The aim of this study was to determine whether objective biomechanical assessment could be useful in measuring improvements in strength, gait, balance and functional performance in participants, after an 8-week FIT Teens program.

Eleven participants were required to complete a pre- and post-treatment assessment of biomechanics with a trained physiologist.

Walking gait was analysed under two conditions: a) self-selected pace and b) standardised pace (1.2 meters/second) at 240 Hz.

Isokinetic knee strength was assessed using the Biodex System II. Peak torques of knee extension and knee flexion were recorded.

Hip abduction strength was assessed using the Biodex System III. Peak torque of each kick was recorded.

Functional performance was recorded through 3D motion analysis system, which assessed each participant’s landing technique during the drop vertical jump task (DVJ).

A standardised tool called the Star Excursion Balance Test, was used to assess postural stability in the participants.

Increased peak torques in mean knee extension and mean hip abduction were observed from pre- to post-treatment.

Maximum hip flexion angle and trunk flexion angle appeared to show strong increases after treatment during the DVJ task.

Mean internal hip extensor moment showed a large increase while mean ankle eversion showed a moderate decrease.

Dynamic postural control demonstrated moderate improvement bilaterally, as evidenced by increases in mean composite scores.


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