Foot Posture Changes with 45 Minutes of Running

In the past, authors have researched the impact of long-distance running (60 – 120 minutes per session) on foot biomechanics.

These studies confirmed that the foot becomes more pronated with prolonged running, placing the athlete at great risk for lower-limb injury.

In the current issue of the Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association, Bravo-Aguilar et al. broaden this research to look at shorter length running and its impact on functional foot health.

The researchers note the significance of injuries in runners with 79% of committed runners experiencing some form of lower limb injury (with 60% of those in the feet).

Participants of this study were required to run 3X per week for 45-minute continuous sessions; they did not have any diagnosed conditions and did not wear any assistive devices.

Foot Posture Index scores and baropodometric examinations were performed by blinded experts, before and after the sessions.

The results were a deviation from previous studies, showing that when continuous running did not exceed 45 minutes, foot posture improved from pronation to more neutral.

This study is believed to be the first of its kind prompting a call for further investigation of short versus long distance running effects on foot posture.


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