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Study Reveals How To Predict The Risk Of Knee Osteoarthritis

by MASS4D® Insoles August 01, 2018

Medical Review

Knee osteoarthritis is a painful condition of the knees that can make it difficult for you to walk and perform everyday activities.

It is a challenge to spot this disease in its earliest stages because of its slow growth.

However, if its risk factors are predicted early on, then better treatment measures can help prevent this condition from becoming worse.

Previous studies have found that people with a history of lower body and knee injuries are at a greater risk of developing knee osteoarthritis.

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The authors of this study decided to investigate the link between the two factors by analysing the movement patterns of those with lower body injuries and those with the condition.

Different measures related to motion especially in the hip and knee joints were calculated so that a reliable comparison could be made.

A questionnaire was also prepared to get an idea of the severity of the participant’s symptoms in the knee joint.

The results of the study proved that factors such as knee health, pain, age and body mass play a role in the growth of knee osteoarthritis. These factors ultimately have an effect on the walking pattern of the individual.

The authors concluded that one of the only ways to prevent knee osteoarthritis after an injury is to prevent a repeat injury from occurring in the knee.

By identifying individuals who are at a higher risk of developing knee osteoarthritis after injury, doctors can reduce the effect of the condition in an effort to improve the individual’s quality of life, and to slow down the growth of the disease.

To read the full study, please click here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5544598/

MASS4D® Insoles can also be included in rehabilitative programmes as a way to help you move around without much pain in your knees. This is achieved by improving your posture from the feet upwards and reducing any unwanted stress on the knee joints.

So, not only will your walking patterns improve, but you’ll also have lesser chances of developing pain or having an injury in the lower body.

Foot Pain Relief, Injury Prevention, Better Posture and Sports Performance in One Insole     know more

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