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What To Expect When You Visit A Certified MASS4D® Provider

by MASS4D® Insoles March 06, 2017

MASS4D® Insoles Casting Process

MASS4D® custom insoles provide foot arch support to help people with foot and body posture problems. MASS4D® works with some of the leading health care professionals in the world. When you book a consultation with one of our certified providers, it’s good to know what you should expect.

The First Visit

The first visit is all about the provider learning about you and the problem you are having.  You will have ample time to discuss your condition and answer questions about your medical history that may contribute to your issue.

You will also receive a comprehensive physical examination of your condition and area of complaint. Don’t be surprised if your provider examines your full standing posture to see if your foot posture is affecting alignment in other areas of your body.

For instance, someone with a flatfoot could also have hip pain caused by misalignment. The provider will perform gait analysis to see how it impacts the condition and the overall posture.

Foot Pain Relief, Injury Prevention, Better Posture and Sports Performance in One Insole     know more

Treatment Programmes

The results of your exam will be fully explained to you along with recommended treatment options to address the problem and/or prevent a future problem. If MASS4D® insoles are recommended for treatment, your provider will take your foot measurements immediately on the same visit.

You will get to experience our MASS4D® 3D foot cast technique, which is the only method that allows for manufacturing of truly custom foot insoles that match all your unique features, such as corrected arch shape and activity level.

Fitting and Follow Up

On your follow-up visit, you will collect your brand new MASS4D® foot insoles. Be sure to bring along your favourite pair of shoes so your provider can show you how to fit them into the shoe and ensure your full satisfaction.

MASS4D® custom insoles are trusted by the leading physicians globally. 

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Foot Pain Relief, Injury Prevention, Better Posture and Sports Performance in One Insole     know more

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