MASS4D® Top Covers

MASS4D® Top Covers

Our covers for foot orthotics are about much more than aesthetics. The top cover represents the point of contact between the orthotic and wearer.

This relationship can be critical in ensuring the overall comfort and wearability whilst improving compliance.

MASS4D® offers 3 styles of top covers to meet the clinical needs and comfort requirements of the wearer. 

Our most common top cover choice is a durable yet soft textured ultrasuede material that provides a non-slip surface when in contact with a bare foot or socks. The soft feel of this long-lasting top cover makes it a favourite across our entire wearer base. 

This top cover can be used in combination with 2mm or 3mm cushion foam.

For those requiring anti-microbial/anti-fungal properties, MASS4D® offers an antibacterial topper that will not retain or spread infection. 

This is recommended for anyone with athlete's foot issues or other infections. The smooth texture of this top cover is also a great choice for those who require no friction between the sock and orthotic. 

This top cover can be used in combination with 2mm or 3mm cushion foam.

MASS4D® also offers a Bi-Lam cushion top cover for use with patients suffering from insensate foot symptoms. 

Diagnosis of diabetes, drop foot, lumbar nerve impingement, etc. may result in diminished sensation on the plantar surface of the foot. 

Bi-Lam will protect against unnoticed blistering or ulcerations for this population. 

Additionally, some within the geriatric community will enjoy the soft top cushion for added comfort. No additional cushion foam is required with this top cover due to its thickness.

MASS4D® is dedicated to providing a wide range of top cover materials to ensure comfort, safety and compliance.

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