Gait Reference Casting Benefits

Gait Reference Casting Benefits

As a multidisciplinary assistive device, a MASS4D® orthotic stands more as a testament to the true understanding of the unified kinetic chain that impacts all areas of functionality within the body.

With the integrated multi-axial theory serving as the underlying guideline for MASS4D®’s casting and manufacturing techniques, our aim is to produce a functional orthotic which allows for maximum flexibility of all articulations of the foot and ankle while limiting hypermobility.

This type of functionality can be achieved only with a greater knowledge of the structure of the body and how the dynamic link present between the ankle and the foot, affects the musculoskeletal system.

For this purpose, it is important to examine the patient’s anatomy and to capture the foot in its corrected closed chain posture. This is obtained by mimicking the patient’s healthy stance-phase gait in a specialised foam box to create a semi-weight bearing impression.

An advantage of using a semi-weight bearing cast lies in its ability to highlight any fibrous tissue mass or bony developments, often showing its exact location.

Such a cast also helps in attaining a more definitive plantar contour, which is ultimately reflected in the final orthotic that provides for the gravitational soft tissue displacement.

Advancements in science and technology allow us to create a multidisciplinary device, which specifically caters to each patient’s biomechanical needs.

The three-dimensional data obtained in this regard, gives us a deeper insight into the foot’s morphology, and the resultant product achieves maximum contact with the plantar surface at midstance with a level of supination that is ideal to the patient’s anatomy.

The aim is to provide for the constant postural adjustments and readjustments that the body undertakes on different terrains, while boosting optimal foot arthrokinematics and skeletal alignment.

The advantage of using MASS4D® orthotics as part of any rehabilitation program is its capability to provide for maximum correction, which accelerates treatment results and reduces any recurrences in the future.

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