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The Influence of Foot Posture On The Lumbar Spine

by MASS4D® Prescription Orthotics July 21, 2016

The Influence of Foot Posture On The Lumbar Spine

The feet are the very foundation of the entire musculoskeletal system; supporting the weight of the body and propelling the kinetic chain to work in the right direction.

Any interference from this foundation ultimately affects supporting joints above the foot/ankle complex, causing a multitude of compensatory abnormalities in the rest of the system.

Chief amongst these abnormalities, are postural changes produced by rotatory stress on the spine.

A hyperpronated foot induces excessive medial femoral rotation in the lower extremity leading to changes in the pelvis, spine and sacroiliac joints.

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As a consequence of this, the iliopsoas shortens and the spinal column rotates contra laterally, increasing the sacral base angle and lumbar lordosis. These contribute to subluxations of the joints.

Furthermore, studies have proven that hyperpronation can lead to an immediate lumbo-pelvic rotation, changing the pelvic position.

As a result, asymmetrical changes in foot alignment need to be considered while addressing pelvic and lower back dysfunction due to consequent changes of the pelvis and pelvic torsion.

Structural changes induced by such a condition can inadvertently cause degeneration of joints on account of sustained stresses to these joints, resulting in microtrauma, cartilage wear and osteophytes.

The proper functioning of the foot/ankle complex is also essential to maintain accurate proprioceptive nerve impulses in the plantar region which aid during gait.

Orthotic intervention will help patients suffer fewer lower back injuries by correcting the hyperpronation and consequently, the stress placed on the entire spine allowing for maximum functionality of all joints in the foot.

The ability of MASS4D® bespoke foot orthotics to support the structure of the foot in its optimally functional position allows for increased proprioceptive input, effective lower limb muscle spindle firing and optimal full body structure.

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