About MASS4D®

MASS4D® is a bespoke foot orthotic business offering like-minded clinics, hospitals, health professionals and sport performance experts around the world ability to offer the only foot orthotic available internationally that supports the foot in its corrected closed-chain posture.

Our commitment to excellence does not stop with our custom orthotic product. MASS4D® is a full-service foot orthotic company offering product training, professional medical educational seminars, verbal & written scripting, online videos, and more.



Foot Biomechanics

SCIENCE – MASS4D® foot orthotics are based on Integrated Multi-Axial Theory of foot posture biomechanics.  An Integrated Multi-Axial Theory foot orthotic is manufactured to support and enhance the functional ranges of motion of all joints in the foot, not only the subtalar joint.  MASS4D® draws from a broad spectrum of evidence-based research to ensure and integrated approach to evaluation, orthotic design, manufacturing and fitting.

MASS4D Foot Orthotic Technology

TECHNOLOGY – Each MASS4D® orthotic is individually made and machine calibrated to the wearer's specific foot flexibility, weight and activity level. Combining these calibration metrics with our revolutionary casting method ensures no two orthotics are the same and each one meets the needs of the person it was ordered for.

MASS4D Ultimate Orthotic Fit

FIT - MASS4D® science and technology combine for the ultimate orthotic fit.  MASS4D® will be in full contact with the entire sole of the foot through gait. Uncomfortable slapping of the orthotic onto the foot is eliminated to ensure optimal comfort, correction and support for optimal foot care.

MASS4D Foot Orthotic Performance
PERFORMANCE - Foot pain relief, postural correction and performance improvement are the most common reasons for foot orthotic use. MASS4D® delivers results seen through improved patient outcomes, improved function and unprecedented user satisfaction.

Orthotic design ordering and delivery

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