Before and After Examples

These bisections are to illustrate the postural correction achieved at the knee, the ankle and the forefoot.
We decided to use the AP midline through the center of the knee and lateral aspect of the big toe.
Many orthotic manufacturers illustrate their orthotic achieve these postural improvements, however this is most often not the case.
For more information on these postural changes a MASS4D™ orthotic achieves please watch this clip. MASS4D on Foot Biomechanics

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  • CASE #1 60-year old female with bunion MASS4D Foot Orthotic Reduces Bunion Pain
    BEFORE 60 year old female suffering with Hallux Valgus which worsen during pregnancies. She complained of knee pain worse on the left. Off-the-shelf and rooterian custom orthotics failed to improve her pain.
    AFTER She is now wearing MASS4D™ foot orthotics and reports improved body posture and an 85% reduction in knee pain.
  • CASE #2 58-year old male with metatarsalgia MASS4D Foot Insole Reduces Metatarsalgia Pain
    BEFORE 58 year old male diagnosed with bilateral metatarsalgia, worse on right. He tried rooterian custom orthotics with metatarsal dome, despite mild relief he felt like he was “walking on a ball” all the time which was uncomfortable.
    AFTER 2 weeks of break-in this patient was happily wearing his new foot MASS4D™ orthotics full time. After 2 months, he reports a 95% reduction in foot pain and enjoys that these shoe inserts fit into his dress shoes.
  • CASE #3 52-year old female with plantar fasciitis Old Women With Plantar Fasciitis Using MASS4D Foot Orthotics
    BEFORE 52 year old female suffering from persistent plantar fasciitis. She tried off-the-shelf silicone cushions with no success. Symptoms included morning pain with first step and knee pain.
    AFTER Her break in process on MASS4D™ orthotics included some calf discomfort associated with muscle lengthening. After 3 weeks, she reports no morning pain with first step and reduced knee pain. Visual assessment showed marked postural improvement that will protect her joints for the future. Additionally, she has returned to her daily walking routine.
  • CASE #4 7 year old boy with toe-walking Young Boy With Toe-Walking Gait Using MASS4D Shoe Insole
    BEFORE 7-year-old boy presenting with toe-walking gait and severe pronation. His parents brought him for evaluation in hopes of correcting the problem.
    AFTER MASS4D™ orthotic’s calcaneal inversion support & full contact design allow for functional proprioceptive input (far greater than soft foam inserts). The boy was happy with the comfort and his mum was pleased that they fit onto his school & play shoes.
  • CASE #5 10-year old girl with non-traumatic knee pain Non-Traumatic Knee Pain Reduction With MASS4D Custom Orthotic
    BEFORE 10-year-old girl suffering from right knee pain. Examination also revealed significant right ankle instability and over pronation.
    AFTER MASS orthotic has stabilized the ankle joint and reduced the knee pain. These MASS4D foot orthotics will couple with a stretching and strengthen program to improve her full body posture.
  • MASS4D Foot Orthotic Reduces Bunion Pain
  • MASS4D Foot Insole Reduces Metatarsalgia Pain
  • Old Women With Plantar Fasciitis Using MASS4D Foot Orthotics
  • Young Boy With Toe-Walking Gait Using MASS4D Shoe Insole
  • Non-Traumatic Knee Pain Reduction With MASS4D Orthotic


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