What is the cause of my child’s foot pain?

Although your healthcare provider can best answer this question, common reasons include genetics, developmental issues, activity level or body weight. Early diagnosis is the key to best helping your child today and for the future.


Will my child become dependent on foot orthotics forever?

Every child and condition are unique. Some problems can be prevented without lifelong wear, while other developmental problems may require longer use. In much the same way children use the corrective eyewear for short-term correction or lifelong help, Foot orthotics work in the same ways. Your certified MASS4D® practitioner will help you understand the recommended approach for your child.

Foot orthotics for children presents a unique opportunity to Foot-Orthotics-For-Childernguide the growth and development of the feet. Clinically diagnosed problems with foot development and biomechanics can eventually lead to problems of the ankle, knees, hips or spinal posture.

Research has shown that early use of foot orthotics in diagnosed conditions such as flat foot, tight calf muscles, twisting deformity of the lower leg, juvenile bunions, etc. can have beneficial results seen on x-ray. MASS4D® honours the uniqueness of each person by including the child's body weight and foot flexibility into every pair made. This is a critical feature in the creation of your child’s orthotic to ensure normal muscle and bone development, maximum comfort along with maximum effectiveness. Your practitioner will ensure your child’s comfort!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” -Benjamin Franklin.



MASS4D® is often used in times of pain or discomfort of your child. However, you may be fortunate to learn of your child’s foot diagnosis before the pain begins. In these cases, your child’s foot orthotics become a pain preventative tool.

As your child’s foot continues to grow his or her foot orthotics will need to be replaced. Typically the orthotics will continue to be effective though 2 sizes before needing a larger size. Your certified MASS4D® practitioner will perform regular checkups to help monitor improvement and identify needs. We welcome your family into our MASS4D® community.



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