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How MASS4D® Helps Your Patients

MASS4D® orthotics provide an additional tool to treat the true cause of many patients' chief complaint conditions. These patients have perhaps been to other professionals for their lower back pain or knee injury; they are tired of their “adjustments not holding” and innately know there is another cause for their condition. 

Often structural collapse of the medial arch of the foot is determined to be the true underlying cause of the problem further up the kinetic chain.

The drawbacks of ignoring foot posture correction are plenty - the structural collapse of the medial arch causes several structural changes to the body namely, tibial internal rotation, valgus knee, increased Q-angle, anterior pelvic rotation, hyperlordosis and functional scoliosis. 

The most effective spinal adjustments will not succeed if the foundation of the skeletal system is faulty.

With spinal postural health being at the core of a chiropractor’s patient care needs, it is important to include foot orthotic intervention as an essential tool in the rehabilitation of foot and ankle disorders, which negatively impact lower limb and spinal alignment.

The supportive correction of foot posture contributes to the proper functioning of the entire kinetic chain, bringing stability and balance to the body.

MASS4D® foot orthotics support the foot’s natural arch when its integrity has been lost due to injury, overuse, health condition, or age-related collapse. 

How MASS4D® Enhances Your Practice

Whilst most Chiropractors have a toolbox filled with learned techniques such as Gonstead, Cox, CBP, etc. along with adjunct therapies and functional exercise programs, foot posture correction is often not given priority.

This is despite the fact that postural abnormalities are significant factors that affect overall neuro-musculo-skeletal health and physical performance.

Patient satisfaction is increasingly driven by your ability to meet more of your patients’ healthcare needs in one location. 

MASS4D® broadens the breadth of service offered in-house from your clinic; by offering the most comprehensive physical examination, inclusive of lower limb biomechanical evaluation, you determine the true cause of the patient's condition.

These results are subsequently supported by the addition of a state-of-the-art fully customised foot orthotic directly from your clinic. 

Serve your community better with MASS4D® Orthotics as an available resource for your active rehabilitative care programs.

A Few Advantages Of MASS4D®

A high-calibre orthotic must enhance balance and posture of the full body by enhancing proprioception through the foot and ankle complex during all phases of gait. MASS4D® works with your chiropractic adjusting program for complete neuro-musculo-skeletal rehabilitation.

Gait Reference Casting  

Gait-referenced casting is a dynamic process that produces an exact 3-dimensional impression of the plantar morphology of the foot.  This process involves taking a semi-weight bearing impression of the feet in specialised angled foam to capture the foot in its corrected closed-chain posture. 

The resultant orthotic manufactured from this mould is able to respect the corrected posture and allow for much-needed soft tissue displacement. 

Proprioceptive Action Potential

Our orthotic shell’s 'leaf spring' action enhances proprioceptive input through the foot with its spring-back action and even weight distribution across the plantar surface of the foot.  This helps in generating better movement patterns throughout the body.

Calibrated to bodyweight, foot flexibility and activity level

Newton’s Third Law dictates the MASS4D® proprietary calibration process.  Each orthotic is calibrated to the wearer’s bodyweight, foot flexibility and activity level, ensuring all action occurring above the orthotic is met with an equal and supportive reaction force.  The final product offers the truest customisation available in the foot orthotic industry.

Individually handcrafted orthotic 

The individually handcrafted orthotics are truly a work of art requiring at least three hours of hands-on time per orthotic. Built to exact specifications with orthotic shells, cushion foams and high-quality top covers, each product stands as a testament to the dedication of MASS4D® in helping each patient recover from their injuries and achieve optimal foot health.

Designs available for a variety of shoes.

Available for a variety of shoes, the orthotic can easily be incorporated into any type of footwear allowing for the same level of comfort and convenience whilst correcting foot posture and saving patients the hassle of having to purchase specific shoes for the orthotic.

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