What makes MASS4D® foot orthotics different from any other custom orthotic on the market?

Casting method, quality of materials, calibration to each recipient with customised fitting all combine to make MASS4D® different from its competition. Whilst others are capturing 2-dimensional pressure pictures or open-chain foot arch features, MASS4D® capture each foot’s corrected closed chain posture mimicking optimal stance phase gait. A perfect balance of functional pronation with optimum supination support is created through high quality proprioceptive enhancing materials and personalised calibration according to body weight and activity level. Each pair of orthotics will then be fitted to each new wearer by a certified provider ensuring a perfect fit going forward.

What is the warranty?

MASS4D® offers a 6 months comprehensive warranty covering the orthotics for 6 months against all defects in materials and workmanship from the date the product is received in your clinic. MASS4D® will repair or replace defective products. Your standard warranty does NOT cover misuse, abuse, damage or failure of the clinician to correctly fill out the order form.

MASS4D® also provides a 1-year limited orthotic shell warranty covering the orthotic shell for breakage for 1 year from the date the product was received in your clinic. MASS4D® will replace defective products. The material used in the fabrication is extremely durable and yet flexible enough to be highly resistant to cracking.

How long will the orthotics last?

The life of the orthotics is based on use. If the wearer remains approximately the same weight (+/- 5kg) and does not abuse the product, then the shell life should continue beyond the warranty with ease. Top cover and cushion foam will absorb sweat and debris over time and should be hand washed periodically. MASS4D® can recover the shell with new top cover and cushion foam to extend the life of the orthotics at a small fee. This is often needed after 18 months of use.

What is the process for repair if needed?

If any repair, modification or addition is required, then you can contact MASS4D® customer service directly at +971 4 397 1947 or info@mass4d.com for assistance (Saturday through Thursday).

For warranty repairs, please send photos of the orthotics showing the issue by email with MASS4D® Warranty Form completed to info@mass4d.com. We will confirm the warranty issue via email and arrange for courier pick up of the orthotics. After inspection of the orthotics, you will be notified of repair time expected.

For after-purchase modifications or top cover replacement, you can submit the MASS4D® Warranty Form via email to info@mass4d.com. Within 1 working day, you will receive a final quote including work requested and shipping costs. Upon your approval of the quote, we will arrange for courier pick up and forward invoicing.

Do you offer add-ons, cut-out, posts, etc?

Yes.  MASS4D® is pleased to provide you with any industry standard request placed at the time of order.  It is worth noting that the use of Integrated Multi-Axial Theory™ manufacturing typically eliminates the need for these extras.  However, we are able to provide the features you require.

What is the role of custom orthotics in paediatric patients?

Whilst MASS4D® does not recommend the use of customised foot orthotics under the age of 5 years, we do offer older children with developmental or functional foot challenges assistance. Conditions that may benefit include flexible flat foot, prolonged toe walking, shortened gastroc/soleus, or juvenile arthritis.

When will the orthotics arrive?

Depending on your location and customs process, you will receive the orthotics ready for your patients in 2-3 weeks from the time of order placement.

Does insurance cover the orthotics?

Determining factors for insurance coverage include patient diagnosis, previous care received and specific plan inclusion/exclusions. We recommend contacting the patient’s insurance company to learn the specifications of their unique plan to best assist them in the process.

How does your Certification Training work? Is it a certificate program or do we get CME points?

MASS4D® includes a certificate program training course as a part of the Starter Kit. Certification training includes:

Integrated Multi-Axial Theory™ Proficiency

  • Foot posture examination
  • Gait-referenced casting practical
  • Orthotic design
  • Orthotic fitting
  • Patient follow-up
  • Gait Analysis APP proficiency
This training may be performed via online media, Skype, phone or in-person on-site.


What type of customer support do you offer to me and my patients?

MASS4D® customer service in available Saturday through Thursday 8am – 7pm (Dubai, GMT+4). Special arrangements for Friday conferencing can be arranged in advance if required.

Who is allowed to sell this product?

Any licensed health care professional proficient in foot postural health is invited to apply to become a Certified Provider. Our certification training program is required prior to offering the product to patients. Professionals that qualify include (but not limited to): Podiatrists, Chiropodist, Orthotists, Pedorthists, Orthopedic, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or Kinesiologist.

How much time is needed with the patient for evaluation and casting?

We recommend incorporating a complete foot analysis as a part of your routine intake evaluation. Visual inspection, hands-on testing and gait analysis should require 3-10 minutes based on patient presentation. The casting process itself takes 2-3 minutes for both feet.

What are the payment terms?

As MASS4D® are 100% customised per patient, we will require pre-payment for orders. We recommend the same procedure for all of our providers as well, if patients are paying cash.

Do you have any customer satisfaction data?

Please see patient testimonials at:


How will your product enhance my practice or clinic?

Patients have broad healthcare needs and the more you can fill those needs within your own clinic, the better patient compliance and patient satisfaction rates you will have. The public is busier than ever, so if you are recommending bespoke foot orthotics for their rehabilitation program, they are more likely to comply if the casting and fitting can be done directly with you or your team. Beyond the clinical benefits, your clinic will also benefit from the additional revenue stream provided by the sale.

How does an existing client order a new pair?

MASS4D® retains the digital foot scan images indefinitely to allow for ease of reorder. Assuming the patient has not gained 10kg or more and they have not suffered a traumatic lower limb injury, the existing scan can be used for additional orders. This means the patient does not have to visit you for recasting and you can submit the order to us by completing the MASS4D® Orthotics Order Form and scanning & emailing to info@mass4d.com

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