How Does Gait Casting Method Compare to Other Methods?

Casting Method Variations

Foam Box Casting Method

Old casting method systems would have the patient simply step statically into and out of a foam box or stand on inflated balloons in full weight bearing.

Digital Pressure Plates Casting Method

Similar methods of capture include digital pressure plates and mats that capture the collapsed or unhealthy foot posture only. This is an inherent problem with all weight bearing casting methods.

PIN Systems of Foot Posture Capture Method

New technology has introduced PIN systems of foot posture capture, however issue of full weight bearing still produces a final rendering of the foot faulty posture. Additionally, many PIN systems lack proper calibration to properly displace soft tissues, making that foot orthotic that does not properly accept the heel.

Plaster Casting Method

Plaster casting (one of the oldest methods) and other non-weightbearing 3-dimensional scanning of the foot have no way of removing soft tissue variances and capture open-chain posture (not the closed-chain seen during gait).  These methods produce final orthotics that support different levels of collapsed posture, don’t account for gravitational displacement of soft tissue and fail to meet the goals of Integrated Multi-Axial Posture.

GAIT Casting Method

MASS4D®’s dynamic gait-referenced casting captures each foot in its corrected position and gives the best 3-dimensional anatomical image to manufacture our bespoke orthotic. A truly custom orthotic such as this will reduce foot rehabilitation time, accelerates foot pain treatment and improve function outcomes.

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