Knee Pain

What is knee pain?

One of the most common musculoskeletal problems, knee pain or Patellofemoral Syndrome affects people of all ages. The knee joint is particularly susceptible to damage and pain because it supports the entire weight of the body.

With an increase in age and an active lifestyle, the number of knee problems also increase. The severity of pain can vary from a minor ache to debilitating pain.

What are the biomechanical causes?

Knee pain or Patellofemoral Syndrome could be caused by an injury to the ligaments, meniscus or fractures. It could also be the result of a condition such as osteoarthritis or gout. Wear and tear associated with ageing is another common cause of the problem.

In the case of a hyperpronated foot, as the foot continues to roll inwards, the lower leg is forced to rotate causing an immense amount of strain on the knee joint. This causes damage to the knee cartilage leading to chronic pain in the joint.

Any kind of compensatory movements made by the body inevitably affect the way the entire kinetic chain works, consequently damaging other parts of the musculoskeletal system.

How can MASS4D® help an active rehabilitation program?

In order to get to the root of the problem, it is necessary to undertake a biomechanical assessment first, as a faulty foot posture leads to a misalignment in the rest of the body.

MASS4D® custom made orthotics support the foot in its corrective position, as most suited to the patient’s anatomy.  This helps in controlling hyperpronation and the associated stress placed on the knee joint. This also ensures that there is an even distribution of weight in the feet causing an even distribution of force through the knee.

A unique feature of MASS4D® foot orthotics is the requirement to consider body weight when manufacturing the orthotic. This is done so that the orthotic matches the patient’s unique needs and is a critical part of healing knee pain.

Symptoms will reduce over time based on the specific condition, severity and the original cause of knee pain. Age, joint mobility and overall health are also factors in the recovery time.

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