Why should I consider a foot orthotic?

Bike design and fit are critical to professional and recreational cyclists. Foot position and quality footwear will dictate the success of the rider’s alignment to their bike. Correct foot to pedal adjustments limit overuse injuries, reduce energy demands and make rides more satisfying.


So much attention is spent on perfecting the bike, that problems with the rider’s feet are often overlooked. Weak foot posture and collapsing of the arch reduces the amount of downward force applied with every rotation and leads to incorrect movement at the knee and hip. This untreated condition coupled with thousands of pedal revolutions leads to knee and foot injury such as hot foot, shin splints, heel and forefoot pain and hip discomfort. These problems hinder performance.

Most cycling orthotics on the market today look no different than standard orthotics. MASS4D® orthotics are radically different and cyclists can see and feel the difference immediately.Custom-Cycling-Orthotics

MASS4D® are custom - made and individually calibrated to ensure every insole is 100% unique to each cyclist. MASS4D® positions the feet in the most functional and efficient position, preventing energy and power loss during pedal stroke. Each orthotic has a unique rigidity according to the cyclist's exact specifications.

MASS4D® Cycling Orthotics is a premium custom-made product and perfect fit for cyclists who need superior control and peak performance.

Benefits of MASS4D® for cycling

  • 100% custom manufactured to the cyclist corrected foot position.
  • Maintains the corrected arch of the foot to allow for transference of full foot force directly to the pedal.
  • Fits the full width of the foot.
  • Decreases incorrect foot, ankle, knee and hip motion further improving force transfer to the pedal.
  • Compensates for leg length discrepancy if present to maximise foot and leg function while riding.
  • Corrects foot, ankle and knee alignment that combined with appropriate bike set up will able you to realise improvements in pedalling efficiencies.



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