Morton’s Neuroma

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma is a benign swelling of the common plantar digital nerve which lies between the metatarsal heads. This is the result of repetitive compression from the transverse metatarsal ligament. 

The most common location for a Morton’s Neuroma is between the third and fourth metatarsal heads and can cause a visible widening of the joint heads during visual inspection. Compressive force from medial and lateral aspects simultaneously increase the pain sharply.

What are the biomechanical causes?

This reactive lesion to microtraumatic compressive force is most often caused by abnormal foot biomechanics during gait. 

As weight shifts from greater to lesser metatarsal heads across the forefoot, the metatarsal heads rotate laterally creating tension of the attached connective tissues. If the hyperpronated foot results in an off-loading of weight, the third and fourth metatarsal head area is most likely to absorb the excess stress.

How can MASS4D® help an active rehabilitation program?

In order for Morton’s Neuroma to recede without surgical intervention, the primary cause of the biomechanical fault must be corrected. Gait analysis and foot examination results will provide information regarding the biomechanical contributors, in order for a complete active rehabilitation program to be prescribed. 

The MASS4D® orthotic shell with its calibrated manufacturing enhances the proprioceptive input throughout the lower limbs to hasten rehabilitation. As nerve firing increases and muscle spindle fibres are reactivated, the body is able to repair itself. Calibration parameters incorporate the wearer’s body weight coupled with their daily activities; this coupling is the keystone in accounting for the results of Newton’s third law effect to the body during lifting of weights or repetitive jumping/running after healing has occurred.

MASS4D® orthotics are built to ensure every step enhances the wearer’s neuroplasticity in terms of gait, biomechanics and balance. Whilst foam orthotics provide cushioning, they have a tendency to absorb body weight, dampen nerve firing potential and lead to a full collapse.

MASS4D® custom foot orthotic is the right tool for the most impactful active rehab supportive device.

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