Easy Orthotic Design, Ordering and Delivery

Our design goal is to achieve the 4 dimensions of correct foot posture:

  • Providing maximum supination at heel strike
  • Limiting pronation to a functionally minimum at mid-stance
  • Ensuring majority of forefoot load is on the first metatarsal-phalange joint at heel lift
  • Enhancing the first metatarsal-phalange joint range of motion so it is not limited in dorsiflexion

We achieve this design by considering the 4 dimensions of MASS4D® calibration:

  • Body weight

  • Foot Flexibility

  • Activity level
    • Unique design extras

    Designing your MASS4D® foot orthotics is quick and efficient with our template order options. Common orthotic designs are available for quick selection or you can customise each and every aspect of the design.

    You will be pleased to learn that common add-ons, like met pads & cutouts are largely a thing of the past with MASS4D®.  Our commitment to supporting the arch in its maximally supinated position results in functional improvements and accelerated foot pain treatment programs that will exceed your expectations.  Of course, if you must have these items, we are happy to comply.

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