Orthoses serve to protect, guide or limit the movement of joints that are either weakened or injured.

MASS4D® focuses its expertise and efforts on manufacturing custom foot orthotics that provide a full contact 'leaf spring' support to the foot through all phases of gait.

Balanced flexibility and rigidity respect the natural flow of functional pronation and supination, whilst limiting dysfunction movement.

Rearfoot stability ensures the proper positioning of the calcaneus with the anterior facet parallel to the ground, prepared to accept the full weight of the body through stance phase gait. 

Postural abnormalities can signal the presence of a faulty foot posture that affects the patient's overall neuro-musculoskeletal health along with causing a host of foot-related conditions. 

MASS4D® uses the most current and scientific-based data in devising its evaluation recommendations, casting techniques, manufacturing guidelines and design options to offer you a convenient and reliable rehabilitative tool.

By incorporating the Integrated Multi-Axial Posture Theory™ science of foot biomechanics, our orthotics ensure optimal support of your patient's foot posture in its corrected closed-chain position.

Planes of motion

MASS4D® does not rely solely on the subtalar joint to identify faults with foot biomechanics but instead considers the foot as a functional component of a more complex and integrated kinetic chain. 


MASS4D® custom foot orthotics are a highly-calibrated assistive aid, which takes into account factors such as the patient’s bodyweight, forefoot flexibility and activity levels.

Manufacturing an orthotic with this level of calibration ensures that the resultant product delivers the right amount of flexibility and rigidity required to facilitate a functional change and provide optimal support to the foot.

Our extensive business support package includes training for support staff, templates for insurance companies and other useful tools to make your business more efficient and effective.

The MASS4D® Starter Kit streamlines the ordering process by making it easier for you to digitally scan your casts with the use of an iPad mini and scanner. The CAD-CAM files permit smooth re-ordering of orthotics in the future.

MASS4D®’s comprehensive training program incorporates digitised gait analysis which helps to quickly locate the exact source of any postural abnormality. This process assists in both diagnosis and patient education.

The outsourcing of custom foot orthotics to MASS4D® guarantees time availability for both you and your team to focus on other important projects, without sacrificing on quality. 

A Few Advantages Of MASS4D®

A high-calibre orthotic must enhance balance and posture of the full body by enhancing proprioception through the foot and ankle complex during all phases of gait. MASS4D® works with your treatment programme for complete neuro-musculo-skeletal rehabilitation.

Gait Reference Casting  

Gait referenced castingGait-referenced casting is a dynamic process that produces an exact 3-dimensional impression of the plantar morphology of the foot.  This process involves taking a semi-weight bearing impression of the feet in specialised angled foam to capture the foot in its corrected closed-chain posture. 

The resultant orthotic manufactured from this mould is able to respect the corrected posture and allow for much-needed soft tissue displacement. 

Proprioceptive Action Potential

Orthotic proprioceptive inputOur orthotic shell’s 'leaf spring' action enhances proprioceptive input through the foot with its spring-back action and even weight distribution across the plantar surface of the foot.  This helps in generating better movement patterns throughout the body.

Calibrated to bodyweight, foot flexibility and activity level

orthotic calibrationNewton’s Third Law dictates the MASS4D® proprietary calibration process.  Each orthotic is calibrated to the wearer’s bodyweight, foot flexibility and activity level, ensuring all action occurring above the orthotic is met with an equal and supportive reaction force.  The final product offers the truest customisation available in the foot orthotic industry.

Individually handcrafted orthotic 

MASS4D® orthotics

The individually handcrafted orthotics are truly a work of art requiring at least three hours of hands-on time per orthotic. Built to exact specifications with orthotic shells, cushion foams and high-quality top covers, each product stands as a testament to the dedication of MASS4D® in helping each patient recover from their injuries and achieve optimal foot health.

Designs available for a variety of shoes.

Orthotic Heelcup Variations

Available for a variety of shoes, the orthotic can easily be incorporated into any type of footwear allowing for the same level of comfort and convenience whilst correcting foot posture and saving patients the hassle of having to purchase specific shoes for the orthotic.

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