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Foot posture and the proximal kinetic chain function work in synergy at every step, which is why imbalances in foot biomechanics affect the optimal functioning of the musculoskeletal system as a whole. 

When a patient walks into the clinic presenting signs of hyperpronation, it usually serves as an indication of postural abnormalities, which can cause further problems up the kinetic chain if left untreated. 

This is because a hyperpronated foot induces excessive medial femoral rotation in the lower extremity leading to massive changes in the pelvis, spine and sacroiliac joints.

As a consequence of this, the iliopsoas shortens and the spinal column rotates contra laterally, increasing the sacral base angle and lumbar lordosis. These contribute to the development of subluxations in the joints.

MASS4D® bespoke foot orthotics will support the structure of your patient's foot in its optimally functional position to allow for increased proprioceptive input, effective lower limb muscle spindle firing and an optimal full body structure.

This will provide the perfect balance of functional movement to meet each patient's rehabilitative needs, enhancing all active movement patterns through functional pronation and optimal supination.


A healthcare professional’s expertise in resolving musculoskeletal conditions is at the heart of any rehabilitation program designed to restore movement and balance to the body.

Physical Therapists are known for multi-faceted expertise and rely primarily on different forms of supervised therapeutic exercises which focus exclusively on the area of complaint.

However, it is also helpful to understand the benefits of including an assessment of foot biomechanics to repair the overall mechanical efficiency of the system.

The feet are the very foundation of the entire musculoskeletal system, supporting the weight of the body and propelling the kinetic chain to work in the right direction.

By offering the most thorough evaluation from the feet upwards and the most complete rehab options all under one roof, you will serve your community better with MASS4D® as an available resource for your active rehabilitative care programs.

A Few Advantages Of MASS4D®

A high-calibre orthotic must enhance balance and posture of the full body by enhancing proprioception through the foot and ankle complex during all phases of gait. MASS4D® works with your treatment programme for complete neuro-musculo-skeletal rehabilitation.

Gait Reference Casting  

Gait-referenced casting is a dynamic process that produces an exact 3-dimensional impression of the plantar morphology of the foot.  This process involves taking a semi-weight bearing impression of the feet in specialised angled foam to capture the foot in its corrected closed-chain posture. 

The resultant orthotic manufactured from this mould is able to respect the corrected posture and allow for much-needed soft tissue displacement. 

Proprioceptive Action Potential

Our orthotic shell’s 'leaf spring' action enhances proprioceptive input through the foot with its spring-back action and even weight distribution across the plantar surface of the foot.  This helps in generating better movement patterns throughout the body.

Calibrated to bodyweight, foot flexibility and activity level

Newton’s Third Law dictates the MASS4D® proprietary calibration process.  Each orthotic is calibrated to the wearer’s bodyweight, foot flexibility and activity level, ensuring all action occurring above the orthotic is met with an equal and supportive reaction force.  The final product offers the truest customisation available in the foot orthotic industry.

Individually handcrafted orthotic 

The individually handcrafted orthotics are truly a work of art requiring at least three hours of hands-on time per orthotic. Built to exact specifications with orthotic shells, cushion foams and high-quality top covers, each product stands as a testament to the dedication of MASS4D® in helping each patient recover from their injuries and achieve optimal foot health.

Designs available for a variety of shoes.

Available for a variety of shoes, the orthotic can easily be incorporated into any type of footwear allowing for the same level of comfort and convenience whilst correcting foot posture and saving patients the hassle of having to purchase specific shoes for the orthotic.

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