Sports Performance

Foot Orthotics for Optimised Performance


Proper foot alignment and biomechanics are foundation of any athlete's best performance potential. With a perfect arch, heel and toe support you will perform with greater speed and agility coupled with the comfort you demand.

MASS4D® foot orthotics will make full contact with the entire sole of your foot giving you stabilisation in previously supported areas. Pressure points are avoided as the foot is cradled in its corrected alignment. Consider after wearing these custom calibrated orthotics, you may head home after achieving your personal best and realise something amazing you are not as tired! Your foot orthotics, while perfectly supporting your corrected foot posture, have reduced the biomechanical imbalances on your whole body. Increased endurance and reduced healing time are now yours.

An athlete’s foot orthotic should provide exceptional strength to power the propulsion phase coupled with the flexibility to cushion and absorb the shock of hard landings or repetitive foot strikes.


MASS4D® foot orthotic includes the user's body weight and foot flexibility into every pair made. However, for athletes, we go one step further to consider the type of athletic movement patterns the user requires to ensure the foot orthotic supports the specific needs of the sport.

MASS4D® offers low profile orthotic models that are specifically designed for athletic shoes, such as cleats, golf and running shoes. Our foot orthotics will be fitted to ensure comfort and no jamming or pressure at the top of the shoe.

Whether you are looking to improve your golf swing, deadlift your own body weight without your arches collapsing, improve your ability to sprint and turn directions during the big game or just easing the stress of that half-marathon run. MASS4D® will help you to be your best.

It is an unfortunate truth that most athletes experience an injury at some point in their lives. Ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ACL tears, hip pain, the list of injuries goes on and on. Although injuries can occur for many reasons, a common contributing factor is poor foot biomechanics.

Benefits of Athletic Orthotics:



  • Greater strength
  • Improved speed
  • Better balance
  • Sharpened agility
  • Improved endurance
  • Exceptional comfort



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