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Athletes, novice and professional alike, are all looking for functional improvements to better their efforts. As a sports performance expert, it falls upon you to keep up with the latest science and developments to help your athletes excel. MASS4D® foot orthotics are one of many enhancements that you can introduce to your clients.

Foot posture health dictates one’s ability to propel from toe off with maximum speed and efficiency.  For cyclists, foot posture dictates the angle of union between cleat and pedal, which is so critical to improving power strokes and speed.  When athletes are stationary they benefit from proper foot arch support with heightened stability and full body positioning.

MASS4D® foot orthotics support the foot arch in its closed chain corrected posture. This ensures optimal supination at mid-stance for ultimate propulsion. Pronation is limited to a functional minimum enhancing weight distribution through the 1st metatarsal head primarily, where it belongs, and allowing full range of motion of the great toe. Bottom line, MASS4D® supports the athlete’s foot arch in its optimal corrected position. The result allows the athlete the potential to be their best while reducing potential injury and overuse issues.


The importance of foot posture is often overlooked in regards to full body function, yet postural abnormalities are significant factors in musculoskeletal health and physical performance. MASS4D® is an added tool to advance your athletes to next level of success and hit those PBs. By offering the most comprehensive options for performance enhancement and rehab, you will have the advantage over your competition in both quality and availability.

Structure and function are two sides of the same coin. Enhance the reputation of your practice as being the best at identifying the structural triggers of your clinic’s functional challenges. By offering the most thorough biomechanical analysis, from the feet upwards, along with top quality support options, you will serve your community better with MASS4D® as an available resource for functional improvement programs.

A Few Advantages Of MASS4D®  

It is essential to evaluate the condition of the feet, particularly the medial arch, and to address any postural discrepancies before the individual commences any intense physical training. The presence of a hyperpronated foot aggravates the risk of injuries by increasing dysfunctionalities of the kinetic chain of the body, resulting in significant balance and postural anomalies. MASS4D® orthotics address any functional or structural needs of the individual, allowing the athlete to move through the functional range-of-motion demands of any fitness program.

Gait-Referenced Casting 
Gait-referenced casting is a dynamic casting process which produces the best three-dimensional anatomical impression of the foot. The process involves creating semi-weight bearing impressions in specialised foam which captures the foot in a corrected closed-chain posture. The end result is an orthotic that accounts for corrected biomechanics and soft tissue displacement unlike any other casting system.

Proprioceptive Action Potential
Our orthotic shell enhances the body's proprioceptive abilities as it evenly disperses pressure across the bottom of the foot thereby producing a greater receptive surface area from the skin which stimulates feedback signals to the brain. This helps in generating better movement patterns throughout the body. 

Calibrated to body weight, foot flexibility and activity level
Central to the customisation process, each orthotic is calibrated to specific body weight, foot flexibility and activity level, guaranteeing individual needs are taken care of whilst providing for full functionality of the foot. The final product creates a spring effect on contact with the arch of the foot during toe-off that can absorb the pressure exerted by the body in accordance with Newton's third law.

Individually handcrafted orthotic 
The individually handcrafted orthotics are truly a work of art requiring at least three hours of hands-on time per orthotic. Built to exact specifications with orthotic shells, cushion foams and high-quality top covers, each product stands as a testament to the dedication of MASS4D® in helping each patient recover from their injuries.

Designs available for a variety of shoes. 
Available for a variety of shoes, the orthotic can easily be incorporated into any type of footwear allowing for the same level of comfort and convenience whilst correcting foot posture, and saving patients the worry of having to purchase specific shoes for the orthotic.

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