Product Uniqueness

With the Integrated Multi-Axial Posture Theory™ serving as the underlying guideline for MASS4D®’s casting and manufacturing techniques, our aim is to produce a functional orthotic which allows for maximum range of motion of all articulations of the foot and ankle while limiting hypermobility.









Integrated Multi-Axial Posture Theory

The science behind MASS4D® Integrated Multi-Axial Posture defines the features of healthy foot and gait as follows:

At heel strike, the anterior facet of the calcaneus is parallel with the ground.

At mid-stance, the foot is properly re-supinated after completing functional pronation.

The first metatarsal phalangeal joint should receive approximately 60% of the forefoot load.

At toe-off, the first metatarsal phalangeal joint should have full range of motion for optimal propulsion.

Multi-Axial Supportive Device

The mechanical ‘leaf spring’ effect of this full-contact orthotic under the arch of the foot, applies the greatest supportive force to the plantar surface, facilitating healthy supination balanced with functional pronation. This enhances an even distribution of soft tissues, boosting proprioception capabilities and optimising joint alignment.

Gait-referenced Casting

This dynamic 3-dimensional casting technique captures an impression of the foot in its optimal stance phase gait posture. This semi-weight bearing cast provides a true representation of the plantar morphology of the foot, its gravitational soft tissue displacement needs and the corrected medial arch potential.

Gait-Referenced Casting


The manufacturing process at MASS4D® starts with a gait-referenced cast of the patient’s foot. The supportive shell is calibrated to match the patient’s body weight, foot flexibility, activity level and clinical presentation. This individualised approach ensures a full contact support of the foot in its corrected biomechanical posture through gait.

Foot Calibration


The biomechanical advantages gained from MASS4D® occur well beyond the feet. By supporting foot posture in its optimally corrected position, the proximal kinetic chain is given the potential for full balance, alignment and functionality. MASS4D® enhances the arthrokinematics of the entire skeletal structure from the foundation and upward.


Top Cover

MASS4D® is dedicated to providing a wide range of top cover materials to ensure comfort, safety and compliance. MASS4D® offers 3 styles of top covers (Bi-Lam, Anti-bacterial and Ultrasuede) to meet the clinical needs and comfort requirements of the wearer. 


Heel lift

This is an important add-on for rehabilitation, to make up for any true difference in your leg length that lies between 3-mm and 10-mm.

Heel wedge

This is a pointed wedge, which is added to the heel of your orthotic, to treat any foot irregularities and enhance sport performance, particularly if you enjoy cycling.

Medical prescriptions

This refers to any doctor-recommended modifications such as padding, horseshoe heel or cut-out, necessary for the treatment of specific foot conditions you may suffer from.

Metatarsal extension pad

This is a 2-mm thickness cushion pad, which is placed underneath the front portion of your foot, to provide extra comfort for extended periods of standing.

Removable fillers

This is a removable component used mainly by weightlifters for added support, during lifting activities in order to avoid any damage to the orthotic. 


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