The MASS4D® Partnership

About MASS4D®

As one of the leading providers of foot orthotic devices in the market, MASS4D® is the foremost authority on the subject of foot care and lower-limb conditions.

We offer a functional orthotic that provides holistic treatment for a host of foot conditions, and a customer service team that is available seven days a week to answer your queries. With a strong online presence, we also present an archive of well-researched documents on various pathologies of the lower extremity for the benefit of both clinicians and patients alike.


MASS4D® Starter Kit equips potential providers with the tools and training required for offering bespoke orthotics with ease and professionalism. Our 2-hour online training program is designed to teach you and your team how to cast, design, fit and follow-up with our foot orthotics. This would also include developing a better understanding of the Integrated Multi-Axial Posture Theory™, learning how to perform a foot posture examination and developing Gait Analysis APP proficiency. You will also have the opportunity to perform two complete sets of gait-referenced casts at the end of your training, making you a certified MASS4D® provider.


    MASS4D® takes complete responsibility for the manufacture and supply of the orthotics to your office within 3 weeks of order.  However, evaluation of the patient’s condition will be performed by you or your clinical team along with foam box casting, which takes only a few minutes.  After receiving the finished product, your team will fit the new orthotics and teach the patient proper use and care.  MASS4D® will provide support in terms of training, online resources, customer service assistance and patient education brochures.


    The MASS4D® Certification Program empowers clinicians with the right tools and training in order to feel confident and competent in offering our bespoke orthotics to the end consumer. Upon completing the training program, you and your staff will expertly understand the product, become proficient in our specialised gait-referenced casting method and design the proper orthotic styles for the right clients or patients.

    Eligibility Standards for Certification

    To become a certified provider with MASS4D®, you must be a licensed health care professional. We will consider international differences in professional nomenclature whilst accepting applications from clinicians. It is the responsibility of the provider to be aware of any changes in regulations in their country of profession and to work within the guidelines of their licensed scope of service. MASS4D® does not guarantee scope of service eligibility to sell foot orthotics.

    Easy Orthotic Design, Ordering and Delivery

    MASS4D® offers template designs of our most popular orthotic styles, with the flexibility to customise shoe inserts for any set. Each orthotic takes into account individual foot flexibility, body weight and activity levels. Manufactured in the USA, you can expect your orthotic to be delivered to you within 2 weeks in the UAE or 3 weeks abroad (barring any custom issues in your country).

    Insurance Reimbursement and Profitability

    MASS4D® Certified Providers receive a listing of the most successful CPT billing codes as well as copies of Letters of Medical Necessity that can be customised to your office and patient needs. In addition to our orthotics providing an additional revenue stream to your facility, we have streamlined the submission process, making it easier for you to communicate with insurance companies.

    After-sales Support:

    As part of our after-sales package, MASS4D® will be providing you with a dedicated customer service line available seven days a week; you can also expect to get online access to professional training videos, clinical protocols (JCIA quality) and patient-handling verbal scripts for the benefit of both the lead clinician and support staff. In addition to all these, you will be able to download editable Letters of Medical Necessity, CPT billing codes and exercise/stretching handouts.

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