Why should I consider a foot orthotic?


If you value a holistic approach to health and well-being for yourself and your family, then foot orthotics are worth your consideration. When you learn that biomechanical faults of the foot ( flat feet, exaggerated arches, developmental faults, etc.) are a primary contributor to foot pain, ankle injury, knee problems and spinal posture problems, it becomes clear that the more support your feet have to be structurally sound, the healthier the rest of your body can be!



Concrete, gravel roads and sandy parking lots coupled with sports, high heels or fashion shoes have taken natural walking patterns out of our lives. Foot orthotics provide a nurturing tool to protect your health and performance with your whole body in mind.


You have Options

Custom orthotics are not new to the market. However, challenges can be found with many on the market today:

  • Lack of proper arch support
  • Material that collapses under your body weight
  • No contact of orthotic on portions of the foot

So you may be wondering: What is the best way to hold your arches up and correct the way your feet work while respecting your unique foot flexibility & body weight factors?


MASS4D® foot orthotics are designed & built just as an engineer would design & build the strongest bridge. We respect the true and unique forces of your feet and use the foot orthotic to improve mechanical power and efficiency to control your feet.


MASS4D® orthotic embodies 4 critical elements:

  1. Orthotic casting must capture the properly corrected position of the foot (old technology captures the flat foot or deformity to make the insole, that is why it lacks support).
  2. Orthotic must be in full contact with the entire sole of your foot in its corrected position (old technology simply does not offer this).
  3. Orthotics must be made of strong materials to support your full body weight against gravity while providing needed cushion and flexibility for comfort.
  4. Orthotics must be manufactured one at a time and be calibrated to each person’s unique specifications.

How is MASS4D® different?



  • Conform perfectly to your arch for support.
  • Custom calibrated for your weight & activities.
  • Engineered to actually control foot function, not just cushion it.
  • Captures the foot in the ideal position for weight-bearing activities.
  • Premium quality materials.
  • 100% American made.




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