Why Offer Custom Orthotics

The importance of foot posture is often overlooked in regards to full body function, yet postural abnormalities are significant factors in neuromusculoskeletal health and physical performance.

                Effect of over pronation                  
                      on body posture                                           5.4 kg.                      14.5 kg.                        19 kg.

 Effect of Over Pronation on Body Posture - 1Effect of Over Pronation on Body Posture - 2







Low Quality Shoe InsertsThere is no lack of off-the-shelf shoe inserts, cushions and arch supports available on the market. Quality ranges from thin & unsupportive to products that offer ample cushion and comfort.  If foot posture correction is not the intended goal, then many of these products can indeed cushion a hard soled shoe.


Foot Problems or Body Posture ProblemsHowever, foot health and ergonomics do hold high priority for the many caregivers and functional performance specialist who have set more significant goals with their clientele. To reduce the risks of foot problems or body posture problems as seen above, one must consider corrective foot posture intervention.


4 dimensions of corrective foot posture:

  • Providing maximum supination at heel strike
  • Limiting pronation to a functionally minimum at midstance
  • Ensuring majority of forefoot load is on the first metatarsal-phalange joint at heel lift
  • Enhancing the first metatarsal-phalange joint range of motion so it is not limited in dorsiflexion

Dimensions of Corrective Foot PostureDepending on your speciality, your toolbox may already include many worthy treatments and therapies to achieve these foot health goals.  Stretching, strengthening, manual therapist, taping and others all have been researched and proven as. Custom foot orthotics are another of those valuable tools.

Age-related changes, trauma, repetitive stress and disease are all conditions that may hinder full progress in achieving foot posture correction and reducing foot pain. A well-made custom foot orthotic is the conservative tool that these patients and clients need to help them meet their foot rehabilitation goals.

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